Wednesday, 31 October 2018

A Month In Verse - Inktober 2018 Day 31 part 2!

A Month in Verse 

A month of spinning words 
Had passed by in a blur.
Through stages and stories
And guests and gigs
And crushing rushes
And the unending crush of life
I struggle to know what I’ve learned. 
I think I’ve learned to write in strange places 
Cramped corners and car seats,
Cold fire escapes and snatched seconds from weeks of unending tricks and treats.
I’ve learned to write from strange places.
Corners of my mind that hide,
Words that wait and bide their time,
I’ve learned to pick them like bitter fruit from friends trees, 
Pluck them and them and simmer them to something sweet. 
I’ve learned that I love this
And discovered I hate it.
But I will keep it, and crush it,
And hold it and make it.
My pen will not rest,
But unless under duress, 
I may not write tomorrow, 

I may not write my best. 

The Answer - Inktober 2018 day 31 part 1

The Answer 

What’s that knocking on the door? 
Don’t answer dear,
Don’t answer. 
But what do they knock for?
Don’t answer dear,
Don’t answer.

What’s that tapping on the glass?
Don’t answer, dove.
Don’t answer.
But they’re tapping oh so fast.
Don’t answer, dove.
Don’t answer. 

Why do you beg to leave?
Don’t answer, sweet.
Don’t answer.
Do you fret on All Hallows’ Eve?
Don’t answer, sweet.
Don’t answer.

Who’s that creeping on the stair?
I can’t answer, heart.
I can’t answer.
Why did you tell me to beware?
I can’t answer, heart.
I can’t answer.

Why have you left me, so alone?
Because you answered, love.
You answered. 
Why does your tortured soul roam?
Because you answered, love. 

You answered. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

A Poet Passes With Gentle Hands - Inktober 2018 Day 30

A Poet Passes With Gentle Hands 

I closed my eyes as midnight struck, 
It’s almost morning now.
I’d hoped he’d be on time,
I’d hoped he’d come to take me,
I spent my whole life writing rhymes,
Now it’s done I’d hoped he’d come personally.
I had believed,
But my body is cold now.
I had believed,
But I’ve grown so old now,
I wasn’t sure he’d come.
Just as I lost all hope,
A booming voice spoke to me,
Then he gently took my hand
He took me across the desert sand,
In a dark and starless night,
He took me home, the long way round,
Past mirrors, past my life.
I asked this death, this Reaper Man, 
What made this world suffice?
He left a gentle pause, then answered:


Monday, 29 October 2018

For Darker Times - Inktober 2018 day 29

For Darker Times 

We will hold your hand.
When it’s dark and you’re afraid,
When it seems your fate is made,
When it feels like no one else could understand,
We will hold your hand.

We’ll stand together.
When your president is vile,
When you’re scared, all the while,
When every forecast is dark and stormy weather,
We’ll stand together.

We’re by your side.
When you’re drowning in the hate,
When you’re reviled by the state,
When all you want to do is run and hide,
We’re by your side.

Know we love you.
When there’s bitter roads ahead,
When the twisted hate is fed,
When it feels some cursed sword hangs above you,

Please know we love you.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Sweet Doll Feelings - Inktober 2018 day 28

Sweet Doll Feelings 

So much organised periphery 
Planning ahead to pop to the pub,
To the loo,
For a pee,
Before we jump in the queue,
And we’ll shake,
And we’ll shiver,
And stutter,
While we wait for the doors,
And we wait to get started.
There’s all this rush,
And flutter and hurry, 
As we scurry to the front,
Get in our places,
Stake claim in this space. 
Then we finally breathe,
Make time to let anticipation set in,
And we’re finally waiting,
Breath quickening,
Staring at keyboard and drum kit,
And adrenaline sits in the pit of my stomach,
‘Til they’re there.
Right in front,
Living and breathing,
Hammering, screaming,
Loving and loving so alive, 
And I’m screaming their words right back,
In an infinite loop of regression,
And bleeding a possession of each other,
So deep and I’m reeling,
And the drum hits so quick 
And so hard that it’s shaking me,
Hitting my heart so hard,
Overtaking me,
Drowned in drumbeats,
And Dolls out of Dresden,
And drips and beer spray,
And I could do this all damned day.
Every single minute,
Soaked in the perfect fit,
Of a space where they love you,
And fit like a glove.

But we leave, at the end, 
Sticking to floors 
And picking through cups, 
To coat checks and chicken shops,
And “What the hell did I just watch?”.
And we found a quick home,
In the place where sounds of our youth
Ripped us to shreds with a sliver of truth,
And it’s fed us sweet feeling,
That leaves us reeling til bed,
With sweet dreaming of dolls in our head.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Singing Nights and Faery Rings - Inktober 2018 day 27

Singing Nights and Faery Rings

Come to a place where the night can sing
Where they dance 
And delight 
Come through the ring 
Through that place in the wood 
To the world where wings like glittered lampshades take flight

Bring your heart, 
Your love and life and lust, 
Give it to the fae you’d most like to trust 
Only start your journey,
Just come to the wood,
Through the trees in a ring
Where they always never stood. 

If you’re good, they will keep you, 
Hold you like treasure 
And gift you all pleasures, 
Cling to you tightly for ever and ever, 
They’ll spin you sweet dreams,
They’ll keep you from leaving.
They’ll hold your heart through all of the seasons.
If you’re not kept, they’ll eat you. 
Devour you slowly,
Leave you so lonely, 
Take you apart so calmly and coldly.
They’ll rip you a nightmare,
They’ll burn out your seasons
They’ll take you apart for their sinister reasons. 

So come to the place in the dark in the wood,
Come to the place where the ring never stood.
Come see the fae with their broken glass smiles,
Watch them glitter and gather a while, 
Bring them your heart and bring them your life,
Come to them on a singing night,

But watch for the smiles that cut like a knife. 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Tastes - Inktober 2018 day 26


You were every flavour I had never tried 
Bitter marmalade
Clever caramels 
Until I could taste you 
Then you became vanilla 
I put you on a pedestal of tastes on my tongue 
Turned you into something marvellous 
Something clever
Some inconceivable gastronomic delight 
But you were so bland,
So poorly seasoned.
I imagined you as a feast 
Of mismatched salt and sweet
Something harsh and cracking 
But you were so lacking.
I am sorry to strip you of your flavour,
Now you’ve fallen out of favour.
But I pictured you so perfect,
‘Til you deserted,
Dissolved to nothing on my tongue,
And it is bittersweet 

To know this meal is done. 

A Month In Verse - Inktober 2018 Day 31 part 2!

A Month in Verse  A month of spinning words  Had passed by in a blur. Through stages and stories And guests and gigs And crushi...